Interactive Tables – Why They are the Best Technology to Capture Customer Attention

Today when you go into a restaurant, what will really attract you to the place is the food and its ambiance. If the settings are soothing and inviting or there is some innovative feature in the restaurant, you will love to come again and again. Today, there is a technology that can make such an impression, through which restaurants can better serve their customers….Interactive tables. Continue reading

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Experience High – End Interaction with Multi-Touch Video Wall

Those long hours of monochrome presentations, speeches and communication leaves us with no choice but, to show our disinterest with literally nothing to take back. This does not mean these presentations are not up to the mark but, just plain information with no scope of engagement whatsoever. Continue reading

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Interactive Coffee Tables: Spice Up the Party!

Spice up your interior décor with interactive coffee tables. These tables are similar to other touch screen tables but come in different styles at a lower height. They can be programmed to have any customized display and can even use real-life data to make it an even more stimulating experience for you and your guests. Continue reading

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Opt for 3D Video Mapping Software to Effectively Reach Out to Large Target Audience Quickly

Imagine projecting a huge image of your brand on a building right in the middle of the city center. Wouldn’t that bring the immense attraction to your brand and usher new customers towards it. A single such projection is enough to drive sales quickly and bring in a huge customer base that will find your brand more attractive than others in the market. Continue reading

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3D Projection Mapping – Powerfully Spreads Your Brand Message to Gain Customers

Reaching out to the target audience through the most powerful tools and technologies enables a brand to make the necessary impact in the market. 3D projection mapping is a solution that works to this effect giving exactly the desired results in brand promotion. Through it, a brand will be able to draw enough attention to gain new customers and generate higher sales. Its strong visualizations instantly show what a particular brand is offering and the benefits of its products or services… enough to make a strong impact to steer towards business growth.  Continue reading

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Multi Touch Video Wall – Sharp Pictures, Interactive Displays, Effective Brand Promotion

Implement a multi touch video wall display wall in your showroom and transform your business completely. This new technology has the power to attract and retain an interest of customers, enough to make them reach out to your product or service over other brands when they need it. A multi touch wall display is interactive and through it, customers will engage with your brand, find out more about test products or services in an easy-to-understand way, which will also make a lasting impression on their minds. Continue reading

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Get Your Own Personalised Interactive Software Developed

Isn’t it would be great if you get to customise your own software? Just imagine, having all the interactive features like touch screen getting personalised for your business software making it adaptable for any device and making your business venture an online hit. Well!! Australia’s Interactive Interiors provides all interactive software services with a touch of personalisation. Continue reading

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3D Projection Mapping – Quick & Powerful Means of Promoting Product Sales

In today’s very competitive business environment, it is vital for any brand to select an advertising mean that is powerful and which can show good results right away. The more impressive an advertisement, the higher the sales figures and also its impact on the target audience. Continue reading

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Make Instant Brand Impression on People With Interactive Floor Projection System

Interactive projection system works by making use of infrared technology and cameras which are placed in the ceiling from where the visuals or images are projected onto an available space such as floor or wall space. It is a very effective means of spreading brand awareness, impressing brand identity and reaching out to the target audience in an influential way, enough to trigger sales. Continue reading

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Effectively Promote Your Brand Using Interactive Projection System & Multi-Touch Screens

You might have been searching for the right advertising medium but found that whatever you have at hand has not really reached out as effectively as you wanted to the target audience. Check out interactive projection systems and multi-touch screens which are a modern, sophisticated and state-of-the-art mode to get the message across on your brand to its target audience in the most powerful way. Continue reading

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