3D Floor Projection to floor your man/gal this Valentine’s day

The lover’s day – Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Everyone I know, in love or not [though they believe they are in love (at least for the 14 February)], is planning a party with their Valentine’s on those interactive floors of the discos etc. There are others who don’t have a Valentine and are sitting self-centered, waiting for a miracle to happen in their lives.

Now, amid all these, there are also a few guys and gals, who, either governed by social stigma, or their own shyness, are not in a shape to take their Valentine’s out on a date to a discotheque or a pub.

How about transforming your own home into a discotheque this Valentine, to relive yourself of all the hassles of public drama in the pubs etc.? Sounds a great idea to us, you say you’re convinced too? Well then, we are on the same page. Now, there is a chance you’ve transformed your apartment into a disco on numerous occasions in the past with lots of flicker lighting, great DJ console playing your favorite tracks, coupled with some extraordinary food.

We know, you’re thinking how you are going to change all this to make it more exciting and different. Well, we are pleased to tell you that this time you have the option of taking home interactive floor projectors to convert your floor in the house into interactive floor worth drooling over with simple 3D Projection Mapping.

Now think, wouldn’t it be so exciting and inviting if your living room floor could become a huge interactive display – something that the discos so boast of? Just think how pleasing it would be to see the love of your life watch the projected floor and notice the series of patterns that change as he/she walks on the floor. The expression on his/her face will be beyond words we guarantee. Valentine’s Day is already the most exciting day for your love.

See the delight on the your lover’s face as the floor projection invites you both to play, swirl or dance on it – it’s up to you. The interactive floor projection theater (the setup) also projects 3D images, which make you feel as if you were actually on the waves (of water in projected on the walls) or floating in the clouds (if clouds are projected). We don’t believe there can be something more personal and delightful you can do to make your Valentine feel special.

So what is interactive floor projection?

The Floor Projection Theater is a setup of projector and camera, which when installed, projects interactive images on the floor. The camera tracks person’s position and changes the projected images based on the movement and position of the person. The floor projection thus transforms an ordinary floor into an exciting and entertaining interactive floor. Available in different sizes the interactive floor projectors let users customize size of the floor projection depending on the space.

Setup and maintenance

Interactive floor projection systems are mostly plug and play and very easy to install. Many of these interactive floor projection systems are three dimensional, which add to the user experience. The project systems come with wireless function, which make it very easy for even non-technical users to install and maintain.

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