auDA sets ‘World-first’ security standard set for .au

Over the past few years domain registrars in Australia have faced many security issues e.g. Bottle Domains wind-up case regarding the termination of its registrar accreditation due to security incidents. To get rid of such security problems in future .au Domain Administration (auDA) 2012 Industry Advisory Panel has proposed the introduction of a mandatory security standard for all existing and would be registrars in the .au domain space, a “world first” requirement. The auDA has constructed a panel which is comprised of a range of stakeholders to review the structure and regulation of the Australian domain name industry.

.au Domain Administration (auDA) 2012 Industry Advisory Panel

The auDA’s Industry Advisory Panel has drafted an Information Security Standard (ISS) designed to help registrars to manage and improve the security of their businesses, as well as protecting the stability and integrity of the .au domain space. The registrars will be required to adhere to or implement a number of policy and business controls.

The Panel is also considering:

  • The best method for selecting and appointing a registry operator prior to the expiry of the current contract with AusRegistry Pty Ltd on 30 June 2014.
  • The accreditation of registrars, particularly with respect to overseas-based registrars.
  • The status of resellers in .au and the possibility of permitting bulk reseller transfers and the listing of resellers in WHOIS.

The panel has released an issues paper that is available at to gather industry’s feedback on its recommendations and the issues paper will go through two rounds of public consultation. The last date for submission of comments on the recommendations of ISS is Friday 20 July 2012.

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