Bathroom Renovation Ideas and Designs

A bathroom is a kind of too personalized and private space for everyone. Unlike the spaces in house such as a living room it gives you some time to spend with yourself. Many people take it as a place for refreshing and getting comfortable. A perfect bathroom must be the one that has the power delight your inner senses. So when you think about renovating your bathroom then you must infuse it with the best of ideas and designs. The renovation can be a complete when you need to totally transform your bathroom design and appeal and it can just be a simple updating with the latest offering in the category of bathroom design.

Modern bathroom

Here are some of the bathroom renovation ideas and designs that you can surely give a try:

    1. Bathroom wall mirror

Mirrors are magical and in a space like bathroom then can be a great asset. With simple long mirrors on your bathroom walls you can create a balance of lighting. You can also integrate an interactive bathroom wall mirror which can help you do many of the functions like watch some information, see a video, etc. In the new age of technology where gestures define everything having such a bathroom possession is the best option.

    1. Innovative Lighting

Bathroom requires special lighting. It is not at all a place where you should use heavy or intense lights. Rather it looks wonderful when you have an optimal balance of the lighting in your bathroom. Scented candles can be placed near to the bathtub. Special lighting that you can dim when required is also a nice option.

    1. Trendsetting tiles

The floor and the walls of any bathroom are glorified with the kind of tiles they have. The floor tiles must possess anti-slip quality and they must be nice to the feet while the wall tiles must have your favorite mix of colors. You can choose for the tiles that are alike in shades like white tones, greener tones, blue tones, etc. A small tip will be that you need not overdo with the colors.

    1. Integrate a fireplace

You might think it as a strange idea but many well known interior designers recommend to integrate a fireplace in your bathroom. Well it is obvious that you need to have a good space for that to install. This can give a feel of coziness in the places that are cold in majority of the months. To ignite love between spouses there can’t be a better idea than this.

    1. Bring in the plants

The plants can be a great company to you in the bathroom area. They make you feel the great outdoors and if they bear flower then natural scents will leave you spellbound for sure. Plants that grow well in the conditions like a bathroom has are a good choice to make. If you worry about the maintenance then you can have the artificial plants in your bathroom space. Having a wooden touch to your bathroom is another great idea.

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