11 Best Interior Designers and Their High End Designs

Interiors of any kind of buildings; be it a house, an office or even a restaurant makes it look great. Best interiors give you a chance to flaunt in front of your guests or clients. A nice, comfortable and decent interior designing is the prerequisite of the human way of living. With every passing year, the interior designing evolves brilliantly and the people who make that possible are known as the interior designers. In this article, we will not talk about simple interior designing and the interior designers but the best ten interior designers which are world renowned for their high-end and quality designs.

Interior Design

Here is the List:

#1. Geoffrey Bradfield

Geoffrey Bradfield possesses a true passion for love and art and that is what is depicted in the ways he does the interior designing for his superior clients. He has a very rich collection of antique and artistic equipment which are liked by the people who are sophisticated in style.

#2. Philippe Starck

The interior designer named Philippe Starck is known for his professional caliber and excellence at work. He is individual, innovative and creative which makes his one work look extremely different form the other one. He has done works with a varied range of buildings like presidential palace, homes, yacht interior designing, museums, etc. This tells about the versatility he possesses.

#3. John Saladino

John Saladino makes everyone fall in love with his interior designing as he always excels with the creative ideas that are modern as well as sophisticated. He believes in the creation of alternative reality through his works.

#4. Layton Judd

Layton Judd is known for his innovation in works and is a proud possession as an interior designer to the Interactive Interiors. He has created designs that are really high end and enriched with technology and modern designing.

#5. Sills Huniford Associates

Sills Huniford Associates is a pair of tow designers named Stephen Sills and James Huniford respectively. With their skillful interior designing, they have captured the interest of many people around the world. They are known for working with materials like wood and giving a perfect modern touch to interiors.

#6. Sheila Bridges

We cannot afford to not include Sheila Bridges in this list of top interior designers because she was once awarded as the best American interior designer. She prefers creating a blend of comfort and style in her works.

#7. Samuel Botero

Samuel Botero is an interior designer that has the capacity to turn even the most boring spaces into completely transformed magic interiors.

#8. Jason Kubisiak

President & Senior Designer/Draftsman at Start to Finish Drafting. Start to Finish Drafting & Design has completed over 1800 projects in the Gulf Coast Florida area, proving that unlike other designing and drafting companies that have come and gone, Start to Finish is here to stay.

#9. Juan Montoya

Juan Montoya mostly imparts a nature’s touch to his interior designing works. The features of his works related to the usage of light colors that give comfortable look to the indoor spaces.

#10. Clodagh

Clodagh is yet another world-renowned female interior designer who has worked with top names, restaurants, resorts, and spas. She uses things like woven fabrics, concrete and stone to beautify the interiors with artistic elegance.

#11. Barbara Barry

Last but not least is Barbara Barry who is much appreciated and admired by interior design experts for the way she designs elements of indoor commercial as well as residential spaces.

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