Businesses Welcome Interactive Floor Projection System in Australia

Consider stepping foot on a floor that’s displaying some interesting patterns or funny pictures. What if, as you step forward on the floor, patterns begin to change and water bubbles or tiny pebbles blow out from all points where your shoes touch the floor, rolling farther down to the end of the floor. Or, even more exciting, you can ‘literally’ air kick virtual balls displayed on the floor and let the opponent kick it back to you!

Interactive Floor Projection System

That’s how interesting interactive floor projection technology really is!

The interactive floor technology, as it is popularly known, may sound a bit boring if you just go through ordinary specifications of interactive projection applications. However, if you see these applications at work, you’d know how exciting and useful they can be! In fact, it can be pretty hard to resist deploying the technology inside your company premises or somewhere else once you get to experience the interactive technology! It’s that good, really. Most probably, many businesses in your area have already deployed such systems.

Engagement is the key!

Every business intends to engage its existing or prospective customers in all ways possible. It is through engagement that a business creates a ‘lasting impression’ in the minds of prospects or clients. While a smiling receptionist and welcoming salesman are no doubt essential for attracting and retaining customers, interactive floor systems too can help in branding and advertising through increased customer interaction.

Imagine having the Interactive floor projection technology in place in various aisles of a shopping mall. As soon as customers step foot on the target floor area, a per-designed application can start interacting with them. The application can expose targeted content, such as a product or service, to the customer in an interesting way. The best thing about making use of interactive technology for branding and advertising is that customers start participating on their own. The interactive system reacts as soon as a customer approaches and thereafter, it reacts according to the ‘natural’ inputs provided by him or her.

Not all interactive floor systems are the same!

A large number of companies have launched interactive floor projection systems in Australia over the last few months. In one way or the other, all companies make use of the same gesture based tracking technology to design and develop such Interactive Interiors Systems. However, the total value offered by various service providers in terms of content, specifications, templates and motion sensitivity can vary a great deal. Therefore, it is very important to make a detailed study of the total package offered by a company before making a final decision.

The digitally smooth and surreal experience provided by interactive floor systems can be simply unforgettable for many people. It is possible that the technology would become very common over the next 5 to 10 years. It is the first mover’s advantages that small and medium scale businesses can now get by embracing this wonderful floor projection technology to attract or retain customers.

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