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A touchscreen Smart-phone or tablet is something we all are quiet well versed with. We all posses either of these, and now the market is all set for the launch of touchscreen laptops. The limitless number of possibilities that touchscreen technology can offers is in fact opening the doors for newer opportunities, and its results have already started to show.

Be it health-care, entertainment, retail or any other business, they all can in some ways leverage from the various touch screen devices that are being launched in the market. Companies like Interactive Interiors Australia, are among such companies that have already forayed into manufacturing newer futuristic devices to help businesses grow. They have a wide range of new age devices like the Touch Screen Floor Projections, Multi-Touch Coffee Tables, Interactive Bar Services, and many other products that are based on touch screen technology.

There are many reasons why touch screen technology is becoming popular with every passing day. Simply sliding you’re your fingers over a surface to generate hoards of information, completely eliminating the use of keyboards, and mouse is the first advantage.

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Touch screens also allow for better management of space. Constricting places are creating a need for us to have computing surfaces that can be used anywhere in the offices, shops, or even at homes. And, while iPads and tablets have already become household names, the future sees bigger surfaces, like table tops, wall mirrors and even floors converting into computing surfaces. All thanks to the touchscreen technology.

The entertainment and hospitality industry as we see are the first in line for taking advantage of these emerging trends of using interactive touchscreen technology. They now have a new tool with which they can keep all guests entertained. For example, the latest in line interactive bar surfaces have are already in demand. Guests can play games on the multi touch surfaces while waiting for their drinks to be served, or simply play with glasses around that create ripples in the surface, and similar other patterns.

For retailers too these touch screen devices can prove handy. Shoppers can simply click on the wall touch-screens and have projections of clothes, bedding, and many other products that are difficult to put on display due to shortage of space.  And who knows in the near future we might even try clothes on virtually without having to change them by simply touching a few buttons on the screen.

Even at home the touch screen technology can work wonders. Imagine having your dining table, or even the living room table integrated with a touch screen surfaces. You can keep your guests entertained or even write papers, or prepare presentations, all sitting at the table.


House wives can get touch mirrors affixed in their kitchen and watch recipe videos while they cook, or simply check their mails, indulge in online shopping, or even remain it touch with their social network on the Internet.

On first imagining, all these things look rather movie like, but in fact all those bizarre futuristic movies that you’ve seen, will soon set the stage for reality, converting everything around into high tech computing devices.

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