High-Performance Multi-Touch Display Line at InfoComm 2012

Meeting up with the worldwide user multi-touch expectations 3M Touch Systems which is a subsidiary of 3M is providing the very new and truly high performing multi-touch displays that extend to the large interactive multi touch displays. Altogether, two different ranges of 24-inch 3M Multi-Touch Display M2467PW (20 touches) and the 27-inch 3M Multi-Touch Display M2767PW (40 touches) brings the interactive display technology to a new horizon. The multi-touch does not compromise on functionality at all and provides wide viewing angles and Smartphone like design of the product. There are high definition graphics that are powered by LED backlights.

Multi-Touch Display

The multi touch display is brings in good efficiency for the multi-user applications. Moreover based on the Projected Capacitive Technology these multi-touch displays have a very unique ability to identify or reject the user’s palms and arms (which are placed in the display). The user can use the interactive surface with the very less of effort as it is smooth and get you accurate gesture-oriented results.

These efficient and trend-setting multi touch displays are exhibited in InfoComm 2012. Most of the in line business will find a very good usage of this technology to create better avenues for the users. The possibilities with the interactive technology are endless and it brings the kind of interiors you have always wanted. A positive thing about it is that it minimizes human effort and increased the collaboration on a mass level. There would always be more to come on this very technology in the coming years.

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