High Performance Multi Touch Video Wall Systems

Businesses around the globe are taking every step necessary to engage their target audience. The competition is fierce and every player in the market wishes to make the best use of technology, available human resources and innovative marketing mix. In metropolitans, almost every medium or large scale business organization is now contemplating the use of interactive video wall systems to attract, engage and retain customers.

What are multi touch video walls?

Multi touch video walls utilize touch sensor technologies. These video walls allow multiple people to interact with different objects on the screen simultaneously. The video wall intuitively interprets gestures of users and helps them interact with graphic, textual, audio or video content on the screen. While some business organizations use these video walls in conference halls, others put interactive video walls to use by planning a customer collaboration strategy. The latter has been tried and tested effectively by several companies over the last 1 or 2 years.

Multi Touch Video Wall

Why use interactive video walls?

Interactive multi-touch video walls are the outcome of a number of revolutionary technologies and scientific principles.

Here is how a business organization can possibly use them:

  • Create a lasting impact at a trade fair, business exhibition or any other event. These video walls can help your organization to attract executives, officials, researchers, salesmen and other people easily.
  • These interactive walls are custom designed by a service provider. Depending upon the specific needs of your business organization, you can go for ready-made templates or ask for custom designs. In most cases, vendors or service providers have dozens of templates for different uses.
  • Video walls offer sufficient surface area where a large number of users can interact with targeted content at the same time. While one user can browse through the list of products, another one can place an order, for example. In the conference hall, one executive can browse through a graph while the others may zoom on an online map to locate a building or a client site.
  • Supporting software solutions are easily available. Organizations that provide video wall solutions usually offer complete solutions. Therefore, once you’ve made the decision to use this ultra-modern technology, you need not approach multiple companies for equipment, setup, software licensing, customization and on-site or remote training.
  • Contrary to the popular belief, these interactive video walls are not susceptible to breakage. They’re quite strong and many service providers even provide scratch proof glass walls capable of resisting even intentional scratches at a slightly higher cost.

Businesses should start using interactive video walls as soon as possible!

When social networking websites got popular about a decade ago, millions of business owners worked on creating strong online presence on these platforms. Today, high end multi touch video wall systems are also disrupting the market in the same way other technologies did few years ago. Business organizations that still continue to ignore these new technologies and applications will probably have some big challenges in future.

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