How Interactive Video Projections are Useful to Us?

Displaying the three-dimensional objects on surfaces of any sizes and shapes, to convey a message or communicate with people is the essence of using 3d mapping software. It actually helps to connect the people’s imagination with a series of interactive graphics to convey a message in a very attractive manner. Such graphics are used in different fields like hospitality, medicine, educations, aesthetics of a commercial place and home, concerts, gaming to name just a few.

3d Projection Mapping

Such an interactive set of graphics accommodate many users at once that is why these devices are also known as multi-touch devices, like:

  • Multi-Touch Floor Projections
  • Multi-Touch Video Walls
  • Multi-Touch Bar Surfaces Etc.

Not just these, they are also used in education to eliminate the use of chalk and blackboard to increase the efficiency of teachers in classrooms. They are also used in boardrooms and conference rooms where presentations require interactive projections as they need to be highly comprehensive and attractive.

Build Your Virtual World With Interactive Interiors

Interactive Interiors create interactive graphics to build a virtual world of gaming, concerts and make other 3D creations used in recreation and conveying information. Going through such interactive graphics is an engaging experience as it conveys the information without any verbal communication. The devices that they manufacture can accommodate many users at the same time and process the data in real time, that is why they are ‘Interactive Multi-Touch Devices’. They are thus, used in many fields and in many forms as they are much demanded by customers because it facilitates an engaging experience and is really very attractive.

So, if you are planning to decorate your place with some interactive graphics devices, 3d projection mapping or for other purposes, you know that Interactive Interiors is there for you!

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I am Layton Judd, Owner of Interactive Interiors Australia. Interactive Interiors render the products like: Interactive Tables, Multi- touch Surfaces, Multi-touch Video Walls and Interactive Hardware with their solutions.
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