Interactive Floor Is Yet Another Pinnacle Of Surreal Virtual Environments

Interactive interfaces are becoming ever so popular these days because of the surreal virtual environment they create and make the user feel as if it is real. The latest in the arena of interactivity is interactive floor which responds to the user’s moment in such a way that it feels like you are walking in a real environment. Due to the drop in price of technology that makes it possible to create such a spectacle people have also ventured out on DIY projects creating their own interactive floors using infrared camera’s or even the Xbox Kinect. The software needed to create such interactive floors are also available these days and they are free that’s the best part.

One such example of interactive floor is the one shown below in which as the person moves the petals also move aside giving the feel of a real surface.

yet another one is the Hydrance Optimale which has been specifically designed to give the effect of walking on water. As one moves on the glass surface the water ripples are created according to the pressure and speed of walking.

As of now the interactive floor interfaces are only used for education, entertainment, advertising and entertainment industry but we can soon expect such kind of technologies to be implemented in commercial applications too.

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