Interactive Floor Projection And How We Are Benefiting?

When you want to impress someone visiting your home or office, one cool way could be by installing an interactive floor projection system. Floor projection is a video-based projection installation which involves the use of a projector, infrared technology and camera placed together to project various interactive images.

Interactive Floor Projection System

The projector and the camera track a Human’s position and change the projected images based on the movement and position of the human(s). Being a low-barrier installation, the interactive flooring lets anyone physically able or not to interact with the projections on the floor.

Interactive floor projection is thus a kind of technology which transforms any normal floor surface into an interactive surface. When people stand over the projected area, their bodies are recognized, by recognizing the movement and gestures the whole projection system can change and alter to different levels of interaction for the users.

Size, dimensions and the content of the projection can be tailored to the needs and requirements of clients – this easy and dynamical adjustment offered by interactive floor projections has made this technology so impressive and widespread.

Video-based interactive floor projections have showed up just everywhere in the past few years. Owing to the price and the size of the floor projectors falling, interactive floorings have become a near common site for projecting messages and games etc on any floor type.

Interactive floor projections have made it possible for us to look on the floor and see a world of fun unfold right in front of us. Interactive flooring has transformed once boring floor surfaces into new digital playgrounds on which a person can move about – the person’s actions trigger an exciting visual reaction – making it possible for people to play, dance or read interactive messages etc.

Citing the interest in interactive floor projections of late, it is worth knowing that applications of interactive floorings are endless. To list a few, these may include games, animation, advertising, events and promotions, hotels, restaurants, education etc. Because the interactive floors will be like some computer of a white-board, with lots on interactive content, it will be very easy for the people to understand and use it.

Considering the possibilities interactive floor projection can have in real world scenario, the entire projections system is made such that it can be used on any type of suitable floor surface to transform it from dull flooring to inviting and interactive display. For this the interactive floor projections have a range of moving and interactive images and videos with graphics, which can be created as bespoke package to your needs. Whether you demand a football pitch or an interactive fish pond or a dance floor – interactive floor projection system will deliver to your needs.

Simple, fun and educational video-graphics and images can easily be created using Interactive floor projection system. The system can be installed in either a portable or a permanent way and can be used to create compelling applications tailored to your needs. Imagine kicking around a 2D ball in the beautiful game of soccer on a fully customizable interactive graphic pitch or walking in a garden of blooming floors in the walkway!

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