Interactive Mirrors: New Way of Life

Mirrors have always been an important part of our life. For most of us they are the only medium of interaction especially in the world of solitary confinement. It would not be an exaggeration to say that we spend a substantial portion of our lives in bathrooms and kitchens. With the introduction of interactive multi-touch mirrors the life has almost changed for all of us. The technology has almost certainly changed the way we interact with the world around. Our life has become more interactive and spending time in bathroom and kitchen has become all the more interesting.

What is an Interactive multi-touch mirror?

It is a mirror made up of touch sensitive surface that possesses a variety of enterprising and interactive content and applications like graphics, videos and many more. The mirror comes up with these innovative features as soon as it is turned on and moves back into an ordinary mirror when powered off.

The future for interactive mirror is surely very rosy as is the present. Let’s have a look into the area of its impact.

  • Bathroom: Apart from anything else, the bathrooms are turned into the real hotspots in the house. As soon as the interactive mirror is powered on, the applications bundled with the product take the forefront and greet the person with a new feature every morning. The clock-timers, camera-flashes and sound-recording can make your stay in the bathroom all the more fascinating. It would not be an overstatement to term the bathroom with an interactive mirror as a smart-bathroom with all the features of a smart-phone. The only worry is regarding the over-stay in bathroom space by your family members.
  • Retail: The technique at present is creating serious music in the electronics retail market across the world. The number of queries related to the product is phenomenal. Retailers around the world are using this innovative technology to project the images of various items to the customers. For e.g. retailers are employing interactive mirrors to display the items present in their show room like clothes, shoes, bags electronic equipments in the shopping centers and malls in 2D and 3D Video Mapping form.


  • The retailers have been benefited immensely by using the interactive mirrors as a display medium for their products. It helps a lot in saving on advertising costs. It resulting in increasing more footfalls in the shopping stores and enquiries related to the product.
  • Experiencing the technological journey of such advancements to each and every corner of the house is no doubt interesting.
  • Customers around the world term the experience as ‘very satisfying and informative.’ Presently, customers can decide on the available alternatives on pair of trousers by just browsing through the touch screen interactive surface. In short, purchasing experience of the customers has improved by leaps and bounds.
  • The experience of watching a 3D movie on the interactive mirror is something unmatched by any standards.

In short,the whole new world of interactive mirror has made the world shrink further and made it a much better and entertaining place to live in.

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