Interactive Surface Bar Technologies Will Soon Hit Every Chill Zone In Major Cities

The interactive technologies are touching our lives like anything from our home to the places we go to chill out. Bars, discos and restaurants are going to be draped in the interactive technologies as a new trend of interactive bar surface is here and it will surely add a bit of zing to the fun on a weekend in an ambient environment. One such installation is the De Interactive bar/table from Vision2Watch which is a multi-touch surface that reacts to any object touching it. The possibilities for display elements are endless but some of them include circling airplanes as the customer puts the glass down on the interactive surface or the fact that the customer can draw anything on the surface using his/her hands.

Another similar interactive multi-touch application is the Lbar which is a multi-touch table with interactive projection surface that can be easily installed in bar tops to mesmerize the customers. The interactions with this bar top are very smooth and colorful with every touch being very responsive.

Interactive surface bar technologies are still in their infancy stage but they will surely make way into the arena with the kind of fun they have to offer for the customers.

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