Interactive Touch Screen Menu Waitering – What You Should Know?

Powered by ultra-modern multi-touch interactive surface technology, interactive menu systems are now taking the hospitality sector by storm. Bars, clubs, restaurants, hotels – intelligent multi-touch surfaces are being used everywhere for interactive waitering. The dining and entertainment industry players in different parts of the world are now deploying interactive touch screen menu systems to provide appealing interfaces to their customers to not only entertain them but also maximize their revenues.


Read on to know more about interactive waitering:

  1. With a touch screen menu, customers can place their orders without having to speak to a waiter. Customers can easily browse through the list of available items and even check how a particular food item (when served) looks like. A well customized system allows customers to see how their full-meal would look like before they finally make up their mind on what to eat.
  2. Customers can choose their language and browse through the touch screen menu in a language they fully understand. Hotels, restaurants, bars and clubs in multi-lingual communities can especially benefit from his feature as they often struggle with the communication gap between waiters and customers.
  3. After finishing their meals, customers can quickly order a drink or dessert. A bill too can be requested quickly. The need to signal the waiter, bartender or any other staff member is thus eliminated. The system can also be customized to receive credit card payments from customers. Thus, customers can have their personal space, free from all common disturbances.
  4. The networked screen displaying the menu and various entertaining graphics also allows customers to interact with each other! As soon as customers take their seats, they have something in front of them to stay occupied.
  5. Kids or anyone else can play games on the Interactive surface, browse through day’s headlines or just check out the status of orders they placed through the digital menu. For many customers, a slightly increased waiting time is a turn-off even if it happens just once in many weeks. With interactive table flattops, business owners need not worry about such issues anymore.
  6. Many interactive waitering systems have integrated audio-video playback facilities too. Thus, customers can watch videos or listen to songs of their choice. In other words, the interactive bar or restaurant menu not only works as a waiter but also a payment counter, jukebox, video player & TV.
  7. The restaurant, bar or club can dynamically promote and advertise its special deals and offerings to customers through interactive animations, graphics and audio-visuals.

With an interactive waitering system powered by an Interactive touch screen menu, customers in a restaurant or hotel are never left waiting. They know what they’re going to eat or drink and the possibility of someone getting bored due to a delayed order is eliminated as well. Considering the cost of deploying these modern-day interactive systems, these are a must-have for any business in the hospitality sector looking to get more customers and retain the ones they’ve already.

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