Introduce Your Brand Through Interactive & Engaging Video Wall

Truth be told, you don’t get a second chance to make that first impression. Most offices are switching to multi-touch video wall from thousands of artworks that get displayed in the lobbies to attract clients and visitors. The video wall has a more dynamic and impressive look while it elevates the profile. An overall appearance and everything that goes in the interiors of a corporate office speaks for its approach and culture.

multi touch video wallMany companies are shifting to high-end infrastructure facilities by adopting the newest technologies to include sophistication while displaying the brand message. For the hallway, reception area and lobbies, an LED wall makes up for a perfect choice to catch and hold attention. The attractive visual performance and slim profile of multi-touch video walls are enough to turn heads and deliver the information with immediate attention.

Video Walls Offer Flexible Content Along With Aesthetics

Understanding that there could be several possible uses of multi touch video wall, it supports different formats including images, flashes animation, RSS feeds, scrolling texts, audio, and video. From greeting your clients to providing company information and entertaining the visitors, a video wall can do a remarkable job in impressing and engaging the audience. Just deciding the right space and size of the video wall can prove to be an effective way of communication for your employees and clients.

These large interactive displays have become the centre of attraction with the variety of facilities and purposes they fulfill. Most organizations are benefitting from the larger than life appeal that it leaves behind is the first and possibly the last mode of communication with the clients. Multi-touch video wall could be a great value add for both the visitors and internal staffs. Considering all the possibilities of having one will let you decide on the impact that you want to create through the ‘wow factor’ that it holds.

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