Multi Touch Mirrors: The Future of Computing

If your fascination with laptops, touch screen mobiles, iPads, and other computing devices has come to the precipice of stagnation, you’ll be glad to learn about the multi touch mirror technology. Seeing the opportunity of converting any mirror surface into a computing device has given rise to the new era, where people now have access to the web from mirrors placed around the house or even offices.

Multi Touch Mirrors

Multi Touch Mirrors

Imagine yourself standing in front of the bathroom mirror in the morning, brushing your teeth and at the same time checking your mails on the same mirror by sliding your fingers over it. Sounds amazing, and in fact this imagination is not a scene from any science fiction thrille.

You’ll be able to watch live culinary videos on an interactive mirror in the kitchen while cooking the same recipe. You can watch your favorite movie, and you’ll need no TV set, or laptop, only a mirror surface on which wil

These mirrors come integrated with Wi-Fi and LAN capabilities. They are water resistant and also fog resistant, and this is the reason why using them in bizarre places bathrooms, and kitchens is also possible. Even your latest technology laptops and tablets may not completely support such features.

You can play your favorite music, turn into your favorite radio channel, watch live news, get weather updates, and access all your digital media, even from external sources like DVDs. All this and more, with just the tap of your fingers on a mirror screen does sound fictional, but it’s not.

You can have these mirrors installed anywhere in the house. In fact no special mirror surface is required for installing the multi touch systems; any mirrors anywhere would be equally good as far as it serves your purpose. It could be a lobby, your living room, or even your bedroom, where you can have these mirrors.

The market has already started offering the Multi Touch Mirrors. One can get standard size mirrors or even get them customized for specific purposes. The all-in-one multi touch mirrors that give full computing experience come at a higher price. But, there are some versions that are only meant for specific purposes like playing TV and other digital media like movies and music. Then there are others that only support web applications, so for a beginning your can start with these.

In coming times, when more players will start commercial production, and competition will become even more intense, prices are likely to go down. For now commercial enterprises are most interested in using these interactive mirrors to get enhance their communication with both the clientele and the employees. Restaurants and bars, and the entire hospitality industry too is looking for great opportunity in these mirrors. They wish to redefine entertainment, and include the use of these mirrors in engaging their guests, keeping them busy with games, music, and much more. See more Interactive Interiors products at:

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