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Implement a multi touch video wall display wall in your showroom and transform your business completely. This new technology has the power to attract and retain an interest of customers, enough to make them reach out to your product or service over other brands when they need it. A multi touch wall display is interactive and through it, customers will engage with your brand, find out more about test products or services in an easy-to-understand way, which will also make a lasting impression on their minds.

Multi Touch Video Wall

About Multi Touch Video Wall Displays

How does the multi touch video wall display work? It projects an image through software on an available free wall space. The image is impressive and contains a lot of graphics elements hence it catches attention right away, thus promoting your brand. Adding to this is the fact that it will have features such as a menu or buttons, which are touch or gesture sensitive. A small movement will start an engagement with the display, through which customers learn more about a product or service else they can place an order for a product, item or service.

Multi Touch Video Wall

Multi-User, Multi-Touch Interactive LCD Video Wall System

This simple but intuitive display needs nothing but a set of actions such as rotating, dragging or pinching through which people can interact with it to find out more on what they want. The strong visual impact of the display endears a brand to customers and the better user engagement from it impresses upon their minds that your brand offers a solution not found in others.

Go Interactive with a Multi-Touch Video Wall System in Brisbane

This new technology has unlimited options on how it can present information to people, hence it is now in much demand with offices, showrooms, retail outlet, public space etc. It is the most effective means of displaying business information in presentations and is able to communicate desired thoughts and ideas to a vast audience in a very short period of time.

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