Interactive Interiors: Mutli Touch Video Wall Display

While the market is flooded with plenty of touch screen gadgets ranging from mobile phones, laptops, tablets, iPads, and many others, all this needs to be taken to the next level. Many well known names like Microsoft have already forayed into diversifying their touch screen technology and taking it a tad bit further, with the introduction of interactive surfaces like touch screen displays for tables, interactive floor projections; this is only just the beginning of something even more technologically marvelous.

One such advancement in this segment is the development and implementation of Multi Touch Video Wall Displays. This new concept allows multiple users to interact differently through the same screen, simultaneously.

Mutli Touch Video Wall Display

Mutli Touch Video Wall Display

The technology is already out in the market, but as of now, it is only being used on a commercial scale. Domestically affording these Multi-Touch screen walls for homes is not viable yet. Many companies, museums, and entertainment centers have already set up/installed such screens for public viewing and use, but there is nothing for domestic users.

In fact, in the immediate future Multi-Touch Video Walls seem to be having huge potential in the education industry, where class room teaching can be made more interactive with its application. Also, it is an ideal tool for Board Room Meetings, conferences, and presentations.

Mutli Touch Video Wall Display

Mutli Touch Video Wall Display

Restaurants and gaming zones too have the potential to introduce new means of entertainment for their guests. So, while your drinks and food is its way, you could simply play multi-player games, or just fool around with apps on the interactive multi touch video walls.

Multi Touch Video Wall Display by Interactive Interiors

Interactive Interiors are a specialist Interactive System Consultancy, Custom Design and Engineering. They offer solutions for both turnkey and custom projects. They already have a plethora of interactive surface solutions like Multi Touch Tables, Multi Touch Mirror, Multi touch coffee tables, and many other similar products.

As far as the Multi Touch Video Wall is concerned, it is large and has a touch sensitive screen for the multi touch interaction. It features full HD Projectors for best visual quality, and Custom designed frame work and chassis to suit different space requirements.

It works on the technology of CCD inducted infrared tracking system. This is the basic system, which helps in detecting and simultaneously processing an infinite number of finger touches, making it highly responsive and user friendly.

Mutli Touch Video Wall Display

Mutli Touch Video Wall Display

The underlying advantage of having such a large multi touch display is that a greater number of people can work together and collaborate. It allows quick interaction by permitting a larger audience to view content and manipulate it. The intuitive technology makes it possible for people to simple touch, drag, pinch, rotate content according to their need.

As simple logic applies, the sheer size of the display that covers up entire walls, definitely allows users to visualize a larger amount of data, and makes multitasking even more effective by displaying everything on a single big screen. Discovering patterns, conceiving anomalies and making comparison becomes quiet easier with the help of such intuitive technology that simply fits over your office or home wall.

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