New Technology Allows Buttons to Pop up From Multi-Touch Displays

Long time ago it was Colombus who proved the world wrong that earth was not actually flat; just like that a California based technology organization named Tactus Technology is hoping that they will make this also true for the world of multi-touch displays and touch screens. Usually we see multi-touch displays that are flat but Tactus Technology believes that ‘Tactile layer’ would be a new age thing for the user interfaces like the multi touch screens. To make it simple for you all to understand they say of the buttons that will pop-out of the Multi-touch displays. Does that sound wonderful to you? Well, it is what they are trying and focusing to achieve.

Multi-Touch Displays

Now here the question arises that what changes will this kind of a multi-touch technology bring to the user interfaces? And also, how it will change the interactive platforms for the benefit of the users? So here is your answer: With the buttons enabled on the multi-touch display the users can have all the ergonomics that they had prior with the physical buttons. And the most advanced thing would be that you can have the buttons gone from the display whenever you wish to; by disabling them. This sounds like a magic and so it is with the technological innovations.

Nowadays, many a different businesses have a growing demand of multi-touch displays. Be it the ATM’s or the retail multi touch displays that you use quite often or be it the more advanced ones the users and the market is accepting this technology with open arms. This for sure takes user’s interactive surface experience to yet another level.

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