Smithsonmartin Multitouch Transparent Emulator For Dj’s Delight And Music Mixing Extravaganza

It feels really cool when the DJ weaves his magic with the beats and even the most reluctant dancers tap their feet and hit the dance floor. But have you imagined how the DJ manages to create surreal mix of beats and tracks as he goes on playing with the turntable? Well, if you always dreamed of seeing a DJ do that as you were dancing frantically then your dream has just become a reality. Smithson Martin Emulator is a multi-touch midi controller that takes the art of DJ’ing to an altogether different level. This transparent multi-touch interface midi controller is the first of its kind emulator which let the crowd see every move put forth by the DJ courtesy the transparent hardware.

Smithson Martin Emulator
Having all the control button and heads up display in one multi-touch transparent screen, Smithson Martin Emulator is 46 inch of pure six touch multi-touch experience that even the DJ’s would love to lay their hands on. If one needs to have this midi controller in smaller screen versions then they can opt for the 32 inch or 42 inch screen hardware too which will cost around $6665 to $8680 depending on the model chosen. The body frame is made from durable toughened glass to prevent any spilling of drinks damaging the hardware in case the crowd gets a bit too much pumped up by the DJ’s moves. The latency of this multi-touch midi controller is very low at 7ms for ultra-quick touch points as music mixing requires split second precise touch.

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