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The Modernization in Interactive Technology

Interactive design technology has grown by leaps and bounds over the last one decade. The technology has a multitude of applications in areas such as interactive learning, entertainment, gaming and interactive interior designs for homes and offices. Interactive technology is … Continue reading

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Interactive Touch Screen Menu Waitering – What You Should Know?

Powered by ultra-modern multi-touch interactive surface technology, interactive menu systems are now taking the hospitality sector by storm. Bars, clubs, restaurants, hotels – intelligent multi-touch surfaces are being used everywhere for interactive waitering. The dining and entertainment industry players in different … Continue reading

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3D Floor Projection to floor your man/gal this Valentine’s day

The lover’s day – Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Everyone I know, in love or not [though they believe they are in love (at least for the 14 February)], is planning a party with their Valentine’s on those … Continue reading

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Interactive Mirrors: New Way of Life

Mirrors have always been an important part of our life. For most of us they are the only medium of interaction especially in the world of solitary confinement. It would not be an exaggeration to say that we spend a … Continue reading

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High Performance Multi Touch Video Wall Systems

Businesses around the globe are taking every step necessary to engage their target audience. The competition is fierce and every player in the market wishes to make the best use of technology, available human resources and innovative marketing mix. In … Continue reading

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Multi Touch Screen Coffee Tables: A New Addition To Geeky Homes

A lot can happen over coffee, and this thought is finding greater relevance in modern times, when furniture like your coffee table is becoming more high tech. The latest in such technological advancements includes the multi touch coffee tables that … Continue reading

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Futuristic Touch Screen Devices – Interactive Interiors

A touchscreen Smart-phone or tablet is something we all are quiet well versed with. We all posses either of these, and now the market is all set for the launch of touchscreen laptops. The limitless number of possibilities that touchscreen … Continue reading

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Businesses Welcome Interactive Floor Projection System in Australia

Consider stepping foot on a floor that’s displaying some interesting patterns or funny pictures. What if, as you step forward on the floor, patterns begin to change and water bubbles or tiny pebbles blow out from all points where your … Continue reading

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Interactive Interiors: Multi Touch Screen Solutions

Many spheres of our modern lives use multi touch screen technology as the means of interaction. Multi touch screen solutions are far more intuitive than buttons or dials, and this is the reason why more and more people are exploring … Continue reading

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Interactive Floor Projection And How We Are Benefiting?

When you want to impress someone visiting your home or office, one cool way could be by installing an interactive floor projection system. Floor projection is a video-based projection installation which involves the use of a projector, infrared technology and … Continue reading

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