The Evolving World of Interactive Floor Projections

Have you ever wondered how it would feel, if every step you walked on a floor, gave it a new appearance. Designs and animations start to fling by as you move your feet on the floor. And, remember we’re not talking about the normal disco floors you see around. Those are only capable of changing colors and lights, these interactive floor projections are much more intuitive and take you to another level of interactive experience.

interactive floor projection

The underlying technology, allows interactive projections to transform any floor into an interactive surface. Images are projected from above the floor, where a camera and infra-red light source is mounted for capturing the feet and body movements of the person walking over the floor. Corresponding to these movements, projections are reflected on the surface of the floor.

The technology of interactive floors has already started to penetrate some specific segments, especially in the fields of entertainment, gaming, and marketing. To give you a more specific picture, read below about the prevalent uses of interactive floor projections.

1. Clubs & Casinos
Although most of us have seen dance floors change colors and light, but that is ancient now. The new technology of interactive floors is giving this old hag a hard time. Discs and casinos now employ interactive projection floors have, where floors are synchronized with music and change their appearance in correspondence to the body movements.

2. Gaming
While you and your kids have enjoyed sitting on stationary bikes and car dummies and handled steerings to control them, it is now time for enjoying real time outdoor games, like football using the interactive surfaces or floors. Sensitive to your weight and touch, you simply have to kick virtual balls on the floors by sliding along your feet play interesting matches. Yes there still remains space constriction, but for personal use the surface is great. You can turn your living room surface into a game field and turn it back into a living room, once the game is over.

3. Marketing Tool
Tools like the interactive floor projections are indeed rapidly changing how companies plan their marketing activities, with a prominent attraction for real estate, architecture firms and design firms. For example one needs to choose their floor tiles; manufacturers and sellers can project the floor options in real-time helping consumers to make a more informed purchase decision.

4. Entertainment
While 3D and 5D experiences are exhilarating consumers with a new type of awe, the next best personal entertainment experience can be derived from interactive projection floors. These floors are available in the form of square tiles, which when put together as a floor surface will allow display of a vast number of effects, both sound and visual in response to the body and feet movement of the person on the floors.
Apart from the above, interactive floor displays are increasingly being used in theme parks, fashion shows, stage shows, health clubs, and various other places to innovatively engage larger crowds of people.

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