Touch Screen Technology Takes a Leap Ahead with Interactive Glass Displays

Whatever is possible within the realms of human imagination, has the possibility of taking physical form. While computing has become even more dynamic with the advent of sleeker devices, integrated with touch screen technology, there is still more to come.

The process has in fact begun, with Microsoft and other big players showing deep interest in the segment for interactive glass technology, there is definitely scope for the next generation touch screen interactivity to become more consumer-friendly.

multi-touch screen glass

The multi touch screen glass technology has already made it presence felt. It is now possible to convert any piece of glass into a touch screen display within minutes. The day is not far when you’d comfortably sit on a couch in office and start sliding your fingers on a glass table top for all your digital tasks.

While the technology is here and businesses are already geared up to give their customers delightful shopping experience, its reach at the domestic level remains far-fetched for the simple reason that it is still relatively expensive for use at home.

What businesses are most using the touch screen glasses is advertising. The innovative use of the touch screen is redefining consumer interaction. Hotels, restaurants, banks, shops, malls and supermarkets, all of them are getting these glass screens installed to allure and engage a larger base of consumers.

It considerably reduces the space limits of sales point store. For example, if you have a smaller physical display for products, you can simply install one of these screens, where consumers can browse through a wide range of products, and decide on the spot what they wish to buy. And, since storage consumes less space than display, you can always support larger stocks.

Also, these screens require no special kind of glass for their installations. Starting from a thickness of 4mm, it can be applied on any glass surface. So whether it is your living room glass table, your office window, or any other glass surface, you can get this screen easily fixed over it. There is no restriction to size as well. From a small laptop size screen to larger glass surfaces covering the length of the rooms, companies take custom orders to design the perfect size for you. Also, you need not to worry about their sensitivity. They are both dust and water resistant and will serve you well for years together.

All these features and more are soon making these screens popular in the education industry. The next smart classes will boast of interactive glass panels. Teachers will only have to slide their fingers along the wall glass to tune into newer sessions or use multitasking for better communication and interaction.

Thus, in conclusion, we can say that the next level of touch screen technology is interactive glass and no matter what business or industry you are, using it will help you generate more business and remove various interaction restrictions. See more about Interactive Interiors Products, visit at:

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