Turn Anything into a Touch Screen With AnyTouch

Interactive technology is based on stimulating our senses i.e. sight, sound, touch and movement that can be used everywhere in our everyday life. We have seen that interactive technologies have made our life effortless and amusing. With the passage of time the world has changed a lot along with the technology. With the advent of touch screen technology now anyone can really turn anything into a touch screen and so does this new technology named as AnyTouch. This approach is very specific about turning any surface into both touch interface and a screen as it was not possible with the earlier touch sensibility.

Touch Screen With AnyTouch

AnyTouch is a software based technology that has been developed by Mexico based company Ayotle and Paris based advertising agency Digitus. With the efforts of collaboration of these two companies now it is feasible to transform even a piece of paper into an interactive surface. AnyTouch is a prototype that transforms object and surface into touch screen and natural user interface.

AnyTouch uses a 3D camera, projector, and depth sensor to track movement and gestures to convert any combination of surface and objects into a tangible interactive surface which can be termed as object tactilisation.

The most striking thing about AnyTouch technology is that the users don’t even need to actually touch any object or surface to interact coz this technology detects movement from a distance. AnyTouch doesn’t require an actual touch screen and even the surface don’t have to be flat because it can use everyday objects as interactive gesture.

AnyTouch technology can act as a boon in the near future of interactive technology.  But at this point of time this technology is not affordable by the layman because it uses expensive cameras, motion sensors and proprietary software thus making it an expensive setup.

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