Video Projection Mapping Illuminates Every High Profile Event

Projection some years back was a juvenile technology limping steadily towards an era when it would be the backbone of every function or occasion. Five odd years down the line and we have projection techniques with finest of possible wonders. Today 2D or 3D projection mapping techniques have become the need of the hour. No product launch, building inauguration or a ceremony is complete without spectacular video projections.

Video projection mapping

Video projection mapping

Today, no high profile event is a successful affair sans the most compelling video projection mapping presentations. Highly experienced and qualified projection artists are hired all around Australia and world over to grace an occasion with the most gripping visual presentations with impressive uses of video mapping techniques. This brings us to the question, what is video projection mapping?

For a layman to understand, video projection mapping has the capacity to transform any surface into a screen. Video projection mapping is thus a very exciting new projection technique wherein almost any kind of surface is turned into a dynamic video display. The technique uses specialized software which distorts any projected image to fit perfectly on an irregular surface, delivering an effect that is far–far better than any kind of visual projection.

Video projection mapping

Video projection mapping

Video projection mapping has come a long way, breaking the boundaries of flat screen projection. It mapping has brought us into a world of illusions where real-world objects, like buildings and walls, of any shape and size, have become displays for work of spectacular art. The technique is relatively new but it has opened a whole new basket of opportunities for creative artists from across the globe.  They are now illuminating statues, buildings etc. with splendid works of art, which we appreciators have become so accustomed to.

Given the quality of the display, video projection Mapping or 2D mapping or 3D mapping as you may like is being used massively on various types of multidimensional surfaces to thrill and amaze audiences. Companies like Samsung, Nokia and BMW are amid the early few adaptors of video projection mapping who’ve taken their ad campaigns out of the ordinary to the realm of 3D projection mapping. They are now delivering breathtaking video displays on buildings around the world.

Video projection mapping

Video projection mapping

Artists around the globe use 2D mapping and 3D mapping techniques of video projection mapping now. The object, however, is to come up with the most impressive visual display possible on a multidimensional surface. While 2D mapping is a straight forward method of projection, 3D mapping involves mapping 3D points to 2D plane. Thus, with 3D mapping, artists are able to create videos to match the illumination of projection mapping on a building etc. to create a cool 3D effect on the surface.

3D video projection mapping is no doubt becoming an obsession for marketers, advertising experts, and creative artists all over. Be it the opening and closing ceremony of the Olympics or an advertisement for a pair of shoes, video projection mapping is almost everywhere to blow our minds.

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