Fraser Coast Discovery Sphere

The recently constructed discovery center provides the ideal starting point to immerse yourself in the beauty of Fraser Coast.

Interactive Interiors was engaged to design and develop a number of interactive installations to educate it’s visitors in the local wonders.

  • The Whale Rotunda

    An immersive 170 degrees of seamless video projection of whales swimming with their audible vocalisation.

  • Discovery Sphere Theatre

    This theatre features a huge 180″ projection system and commercial grade surround sound solution. The entire room is controlled by a single touch screen.

  • Walk With The Giants

    A series of 3 touch screens filled with images and text information on local and native creatures

  • Whale Fluke Matching

    An educational game of matching the whale fluke to the correct whale

  • Timeline Interactive

    Using a rotating disc to navigate up and down through the historic timeline of the region.