3D Video Projection: Australia’s New Favourite Aesthetic

Turn any surface into a video display with 3D projection mapping software from Interactive Interiors.

Using common projection technology in a new and innovative way, 3D video projection is ushering in a whole new era of light-based design.

Where standard projectors project light on to a flat surface, 3D video projection goes a step further.

The technology involves the projection of 2D and 3D video images on to buildings, facades, or any other suitable surface – with the goal of influencing the viewer’s perception of these items.

3D projection mapping bends light, creating distortion and affecting our perception of linearity, depth, perspective and space, resulting in an endless array of striking optical illusions.

The growth of 3D video projection in Australia

Used widely in advertising and public events, 3D projection mapping in Australia, although new, has experienced an impressive take-up – and its popularity is only going to grow.

It’s already proven popular in areas such as:

  • Gaming
  • Concerts
  • Advertising
  • Theatre
  • Hospitality
  • Décor.

Flexible and easily integrated, it can be used for aesthetic, educational, or informative purposes.

The visual appeal of the technology is undeniable, as is its impact on audiences, which become notably engaged by the approach and the novel, unusual blending of physical and virtual spaces.

With 3D video mapping you can instantly transform a plain surface into one that’s complex and dynamic, with the result being increased engagement and an experience that your audience will find memorable.

3D video mapping customised for your needs

Having been working with 3D video mapping since its inception, our team is experienced in getting the most out of the technology.

We’re ahead of the curve when it comes to developing sophisticated solutions that showcase 3D video projection with high quality results, and we’re passionate about extending our skills in this area.

For more information about 3D projection mapping equipment, or about having customised projections developed for your event, function or space, contact the team at Interactive interiors.