The Interactive Bar Surface Australia Loves to Play With

Engage customers and clients at an event or venue with an interactive bar table from Interactive Interiors. With ambient appeal and endless options, our multi touch bar surface products make for a memorable experience – each and every time.

Our bar surfaces can be tailored to suit your décor, style and aesthetic, superbly augmenting the experience you’ve worked so carefully to create at your venue or event.

Eye-catching, practical and functional, our bar surfaces can be used to:

  • Display appealing graphics and simulations.
  • Play games and apps.
  • Keep score at trivia events.
  • Encourage interaction and socialising.
  • Browse and order menu items.
  • Display information about food and drink items.

They’re impressively versatile, with their use and design limited only by your imagination.

The multi touch bar surface Australia can’t enough of

With its modular concept, our interactive bar surface can be customised to suit the requirements of your bar design – no matter the dimensions.

Link separate bars together using our software, run different visual effects or apps on different bars, or set up a single long bar that runs the length of a room.

Featuring sophisticated software and hardware integration, our multi touch bar surfaces incorporate high definition projectors and high-resolution infrared cameras.

Together, these capture user activity and respond with pre-programmed responsive visuals, allowing users to seamlessly interact with the bar table display – whether it’s enjoying the rich and vivid graphical content on its interactive surface, browsing a menu or ordering a drink.

The result is intelligent, dynamic and ever evolving. It’s next-generation technology that can be installed in any hospitality setting for increased engagement and undeniable sophistication.

 Interactive bar tables Brisbane made, customised by you

Our multi touch bar surface software can be offered with a software development kit for easy, efficient content updates – allowing you to adapt your offerings as frequently as you want.

Change your themes to suit special events, or add new effects, graphics or interactive options upon customer request. These changes can be made by your own team, or they can be commissioned from Interactive Interiors, the experts in interactive bar tables in Australia.

With never-ending options and a technologically sophisticated approach that will delight your customers, clients or guests, our interactive bar tables are a sound – and enjoyable – investment.

Our interactive bar tables will make for an unforgettable, unique experience – each and every time.