Impress With an Interactive Floor Projection System

Whether it’s for fun or entertainment, an event, or part of a high-tech approach for your company or organisation, consider taking your visual display needs to a whole new level with an interactive floor projection system.

A modular approach to interactive floor projection in Australia

Designed to be modular, our interactive floor projection system can be built up and out to suit your display needs – and your budget.

With each smart visual effects software licence sold separately, you only need to purchase the effects that you intend to use, rather than investing in an entire package.

The system incorporates a built-in infrared tracking engine that allows it to respond seamlessly to motion input using the projection effects of your choosing, resulting in an eye-catching, ever changing display environment.

Each effect type is fully customisable, and can be adjusted using its built-in configuration program that offers the ability to adjust:

  • Object quantities and sizes.
  • The interaction and reaction speeds.
  • Image and video overlays.
  • Logo overlays.
  • Ambient and interaction sounds.

The additional use of an effect scheduler allows the timetabling of seamless transitions between visual effects as preferred.

Not only does our interactive floor projection system offer an abundance of visualisations, sound effects and features, additional effects can also be custom-built by our in-house software development team.

The experts in interactive floor projection, Brisbane

A key feature of our interactive floor system is its ability to incorporate an unlimited amount of users in any sized floor space, from the very small to the very large.

In fact, any upper limits you’ll encounter will be related to the constraints of your physical space, not the technology – making it ideal for large-scale events and for activities such as sports and games.

As the leading supplier of systems for interactive floor projection in Australia, we can assist with high quality, bespoke installations of interactive projection technology – from floor projection systems alone to those in tandem with other interactive systems, ensuring an exceptional result every time.