Go Interactive with a Multi Touch Video Wall in Australia

Transform your business presentations with a multi touch video wall display. Also known as a “touch wall” or an interactive video wall, these sophisticated multi touch systems consist of a wall-sized, gesture-sensitive screen designed for collaboration and interactive display.

With simple, intuitive input requirements that resemble the gestures used for smart-phones and tablets – pinching, dragging and rotating – the learning curve is next to zero and the results are engaging, eye-catching and effective.

Providing visual impact, improved user engagement and endless new options for presenting information, it’s little wonder they’re in high demand for use in offices, foyers and public spaces.

A multi touch video wall from Brisbane’s Interactive Interiors

Like many of the products developed by the Interactive Interiors team, our multi touch video walls are typically bespoke items specially tailored for optimum suitability for your unique business or organisational context.

Our interactive video walls typically incorporate full HD projectors or HD display panels in combination with a custom-designed housing or internal framework optimised to make the most of your space – and they can be built to almost any size or length.

Highly responsive to a large number of simultaneous finger-touches thanks to a specialised combination of multi touch infrared cameras, film or frames, our multi touch video walls offer a superior approach to interactive wall displays.

Interactive video walls, a new way to share and manipulate data

Offering a new scale and approach for displaying and visualising information, our multi touch wall displays are a unique way to share and manipulate data, information and presentations – while offering a novel, engaging way for an audience to respond and participate.

Visually appealing and fun to use, multi touch video walls offer a memorable way to present material or display information to your clients, customers or staff – any way you choose.